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Amazing Sri Lanka

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Amazing Sri Lanka - About unforgettable Ceylon..! One day after visiting here, will never forget those endless golden sandy beaches, cozy resort towns and friendly Lankans hotel where warm tropical evenings, and romantic events of recent days, coconut palms barely rustle their dark green leaves, ocean shines and sparkles in the rays of the rising sun. As you walk along the edge of the surf, leaving a clean golden sands the traces ... Memory depicts scenes seen, the ancient city lost in the jungle, the ruins of palaces and temples, the last inhabitants of which, long-tailed monkeys, graciously posed in front of the camera lens . There is hardly in the world is one country where this is not a greater portion of land in the middle of the ocean, you can see so much extraordinary, wonderful, from the history of the people and nature of the island ...

Travel to Sri Lanka is an information resource which is for the support of tourists who planning a trip to Sri Lanka. In the "Tour-inform" has published useful tourist information to prepare for the journey. In the "Hotels" you can choose the hotel for a beach holiday and overnight stays during the excursion program. The "Attractions" contains information about the monuments of history and nature of the island, resorts and various kinds of outdoor activities. In the section "Excursions" there is a description of the most interesting, different duration & excursion programs. In addition to sections of the portal published reviews, useful articles, historical information about the epoch of colonial Ceylon, news, prices in the country, weather conditions , prices for tours, information about air travel, the host company and a lot of other useful information that will help orient in the choice of the tour program, travel period and the corresponding this period stretch of coastline with the sunny weather and calm clear ocean. To discuss the details of your trip there is a "Forum", in which any current questions can be asked. We hope that Travellanka.ru portal will be useful to you and allow rational to spend the time to prepare for the long-awaited journey.

We recommend wearing light cotton or linen clothes, sandals and a hat. The local shops have it all in a large variety and decent quality. Holidays in Sri Lanka is quite democratic, and does not impose strict requirements to clothes, but out of respect for the holy places, to visit the temples should be in clothing that covers the knees, shoulders and back when entering any temple you must take off your shoes and a hat. Women are not allowed to sunbathe on the beach in "topless". Some hotels are also not allowed to enter the restaurant in shorts, flip flops and bathing suits.

Sri Lanka - Colombo Sri Lanka -Suitable drinking boiled water is delivered to your room, usually once a day (bottled in flasks). But it is better to use bottled water (free of charge in hotels, as well as there are for sale in any shop) and other drinks factory production. The hotel restaurant offers both European dishes and national cuisine. Most of the local dishes are very sharp, prepared with all sorts of spices. Abuse of the local cuisine can lead to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Try not to eat in the shady areas, although on the coast there are plenty of decent cafes offering seafood and other exotic dishes from turtles, lizards, crocodiles, snakes and monkeys. Observe good personal hygiene: wash your hands with soap before eating and after walking, when visiting temples - use disposable socks & bring wipes. Be sure to stock up on sunscreen. When traveling to Sri Lanka vaccination is not required. In the evening, in areas such as Sigiriya, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, it is recommended to use repellents. You should also beware of mosquito bites and other insects when visiting national parks. Also observe caution when consuming fruits.

Sri Lanka resorts spread along the western, south-western, southern, eastern and north-eastern coast of the island. Choosing the coast need to immediately determine how much time you are willing to spend on the shuttle from the airport to the hotel. It should be noted that the further from Colombo to the north or south, the ocean water is transparent. Weather in the resorts subjects to seasonal changes. To select the coast for a certain period of rest, be sure to visit the section: the beaches of Sri Lanka >

In winter time ahead of Moscow for 2.5 hours in Sri Lanka, in the summer to 1.5 hours.

Sri Lanka - Dambulla Sri Lanka - arrival in the country must be declared valuable equipment and jewelry. Permitted currency importation, which is the equivalent of the amount is not more than 10 000 $ US 1.5 liters. Alcoholic drinks, 2 bottles of wine, a small amount of souvenirs and 250 ml. perfume in an amount not to exceed US $ 250. All tobacco products imported into the country are subject to customs duties (approximately Rs 7 for every imported cigarettes and 1,300 rupees per kilogram of tobacco or cigars). Strictly prohibits the importation of drugs, firearms and stabbing weapons, ammunition, explosives and gold. When leaving the country, customs clearance is required for all baggage (hand-made). A person can export of 6 kg ceylon tea out of the country & export of antiques is banded, rare books, manuscripts on palm leaves, rough gemstones, animals, plants (over 450 species) are also banded to export.

Tipping in restaurants - The hotel bills, bars and restaurants is already included VAT tax. Tipping drivers and porters with $ 1-2, is enough depending on the amount of luggage. For the guide who accompany you - in the range of $ 20 per group per day sightseeing. It can be reserved if only meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel - USD 5-8 per group (all of Sri Lanka tour guides work mainly for the tip). The theme of the tips covered in more details by tourists, who has visited the island, in the tourist section reviews >

You can call the international phone directly from your hotel room; the call cost is much cheaper, if you use the international phone the automatic machine. Phone cards are available in stores, shops and petrol stations. The minimum cost of the card - 100 rupees. In addition, upon arrival at the Colombo international airport, you will be able to purchase a SIM card from a local mobile operator - Mobitel (National Mobile Provider of Sri Lanka). Cards will issue on your passport, Card Cost - Rs 1,000, half of which is transferred to your account. Cost per minute conversation with Russia is Rs.11 - Rs 8 in the country.

Sri Lanka - Diving THE INTERNET
Popular resorts of Sri Lanka have Wi-Fi Internet. Wi-Fi is currently right in the rooms of most hotels, often free of charge, and in remote small hotel - the connection is on the reception or in the bars. The cost of a paid Wi-Fi is Rs 200 per hour, with an average speed of 3.6 Mb/ sec. At the reception you can buy a card for 100, 200, 400 rupees. In addition, there is a convenient connection to the Internet - through a USB-modem, which allows using the Internet anywhere in the island. Connection speeds up to 7.2 Mb / s. Buy USB-modem, together with the SIM card, you can have the mobile operators - Mobitel and Dialog-GSM (Sri Lanka's National Providers).The cost of USB-modem - 16,000 rupees, the cost of traffic - 1500 rupees per month.

Roads on the island with good coverage, but often narrow, with left-hand traffic. On weekdays, from 08:00 to 21:00, in Colombo and the suburbs, traffic jams can be seen. The speed limit for cars and motorcycles 56 km / h - in built-up areas and 72 km / h - on motorways. Traffic rules are not respected. For self-crossings in the country, you can rent a car, but for your safety we recommend to book a taxi. The approximate cost for 1 km - 40 rupees. You can also use the services of rickshaws (tuk-tuk), but we recommend pre-negotiating the price of the fare (average of 20 rupees per kilometer).

It is considered impolite to be photographed standing back against the Buddha statues, do not take pictures of government agencies, banks, police, as well as various military facilities. If you want to take pictures of the local people, you first need to get their permission (30 - 50 rupees), especially Buddhist monks.

Sri Lanka - Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage VISA AND PASSPORT CONTROLS
Sri Lanka introduced visa (e-registration) for all arriving in the country. Visa fee-$ 35. At passport control, you must submit the following documents: passport valid for six months after the end of the trip, migration card (issued in the plane and on the border), a travel voucher and a return air ticket, with the specified date of departure.

Holidays in Sri Lanka has season character. As the weather on the coasts of the island depends on monsoon periods, from November to April for the rest is better to choose hotels in the south-west coast, and from May to October, hotels in the north-eastern coast of the island. From the monsoon period is directly related and the condition of the ocean. See more >

When planning a trip to Sri Lanka, it is necessary to study in detail the sights of the country, the customs of local residents, to choose hotels for recreation and the route of the excursion program. However, having reserved all the details of the program, upon arrival in Sri Lanka there will be a lot of questions. We advise you in advance to purchase a travel guide, a large selection of which, for example, is available on the site amazon.com. See more >

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